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SIP manufacturer based in Louisville, Kentucky. Serving the continental United States

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SIPs Manufacturer Creating Eco-Friendly, Energy-Saving Panels 

Contact us today to learn more about Structurally Insulated Panels and construct with SIPs on your next project. FischerSIPs provides a variety of SIP products, including wall panels, roof panels, floor panels, nailbase panels, and log and timber frame specialty panels.

1844 Northwestern Parkway
Louisville, KY 40203

(502) 778-5577


FischerSIPS is a member the Structural Insulated Panel Association and our panels are inspected by the International Code Council. You can trust that our SIPs panels are manufactured to the highest quality. To learn more about FischerSIPS role in SIPs advocacy and standards, contact us today.

Building Industry Association Greater Louisville Member

SIP manufacturer Serving the Continental United States

While FischerSIPs typically ships SIPs panels within 500 miles of Louisville, we are able to manufacture SIP panels that ship throughout the continental United States.

Louisville, Kentucky

Chicago, Illinois

Nashville, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee

Indianapolis, Indiana

Columbus, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

St. Louis, Missouri

Charlotte, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina

Atlanta, Georgia

Birmingham, Alabama

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Little Rock, Arkansas

Louisville, Kentucky SIPs Manufacturer serving Chicago, Illinois<br />
Nashville, Tennessee<br />
Indianapolis, Indiana<br />
Columbus, Ohio<br />
Memphis, Tennessee<br />
Charlotte, North Carolina<br />
St. Louis, Missouri<br />
Cincinnati, Ohio<br />
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania<br />
Birmingham, Alabama<br />
Louisville, Kentucky (including Louisville itself)<br />
Atlanta, Georgia<br />
Kansas City, Missouri<br />
Cleveland, Ohio<br />
Raleigh, North Carolina

Want to learn more about using Structural Insulated Panels?

Fischer SIPs has been a SIP manufacturer since 1987. The following pages can help get you started on your insulated wall panel journey.

Learn about building a SIPs house.

So you’ve decided to build a SIPs home. What process should you follow. We break it down for you.

Learn about SIPs construction.

What’s the construction process like for SIPs panels? Here’s a step by step overview of what that looks like.

What kind of R-Values can you expect?

Learn how the R-Value of a SIPs home compares to a conventional stick frame home.


Louisville, Kentucky SIPs Manufacturer serving Chicago, Illinois Nashville, Tennessee Indianapolis, Indiana Columbus, Ohio Memphis, Tennessee Charlotte, North Carolina St. Louis, Missouri Cincinnati, Ohio Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Birmingham, Alabama Louisville, Kentucky (including Louisville itself) Atlanta, Georgia Kansas City, Missouri Cleveland, Ohio Raleigh, North Carolina



Structural insulated panels require less energy and raw materials to produce when compared to other structural building techniques.



SIPS homes have been shown to go up 30% faster than other less efficient building systems. The reduction in labor hours results in a significant cost savings for home builders.


The foam insulation used in SIPS is extremely effective because it is solid and consistent throughout the home. This advantage results in energy savings of 50% or more.