Log and Timber Frame Specialty Panels

Our standard SIP panels are made with OSB as the skin on each side. We also offer other products to help you complete your shell even faster. You may consider using some of our specialty panels we make by adding products to the panels. Ask your salesman for more details.

Pine T&G Panels

Available 4×8 up to 8×24

These structural panels have a Pre-finished or unfinished 1×8 V groove Pine Tongue and Groove glued and nailed to the inside OSB skin of the panel. The tongues over hang the panel to allow for connecting to the next panel without a joint showing. There will be a butt joint on the ends of the panels that will need to hidden behind a beam or trim. If you get the pre-stain, once installed, they will not need another coating. 

T-11 Panels

Available only in 4×8

They will have a sheet of 4×8 ‘barn siding’ laminated directly to the EPS foam. They have a lap joint along the long sides for connecting the panels. There will be seam visible along the 4’ side.

Nailbase Panels

Available 4×8 up to 4×16

These panels will not be structural, they are made with OSB on 1 side only and are designed to be laid down over your structural roof decking, such as a pine T&G product.

Drywall Panels

Available 4×8 up to 8×24

These panels are made by gluing and screwing a layer of ½” Drywall to the interior OSB skin. They are not finished and will thus have to be finished on site. It is best to plan to hide the joints behind your TF or Log structure beams.