Why Buy FisherSIPS?...

..EXPERIENCE! FischerSIPS was founded in 1987 by Fred Fischer. We are a founding member of The Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) and have been highly involved since its inception. We have held a place on the board of directors since 1990 with Damian serving as President from 2003-2006. In our past, FischerSIPS has had sister companies both in the Modular world (Samson Homes) and Site Construction (FBC Construction). We know construction with SIPS from our own experience. Let us help you!

On Time Delivery:

We understand what it means to have workers and equipment ready to go. When we set up a delivery date, we’re going to make it! We have an excellent track record for keeping our promised delivery date so you can get started on time!


We’re not the biggest SIP manufacturer and thus, we can be flexible to work with your specific needs. Our average customer is a builder doing 2-4 homes per year. We offer many specialty products and will even consider new ideas for your project alone! We use the same computer programs the larger companies use to make sure your panels are the best they can be. We do have the ability to do large projects as well. We have supplied panels on projects from $500 up to $500,000 for a single building.


Our location allows us to ship to all parts of the country with ease. We have shipped panels from Texas to Florida in the south, Kansas and Iowa in the West, and NJ up to New York in the East! Let us serve you! We have even shipped panels to the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Ukraine, Russia, Ireland and Korea!

Customer Service:

Our staff is dedicated to taking care of our customers. We understand that building a home is complicated. At FischerSIPS, we’re dedicated to solving your problems. Our sales reps have experience in more than just SIP sales. If we can help you, we will! We offer on-site assistance if necessary and have installers located around the US that can help you build your home!