Building Green with FischerSIPS

 What is Green Building?

Green Building is also referred to as sustainable building. It is the practice of building structures and using materials, methods, and resources that are environmentally responsible. A structure built from Green Building practices should stay resource efficient throughout its life cycle. Go Green with FischerSIPS and

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Make Your Building More Energy Efficient
  • Use Highly Renewable Resources
  • Reduce The Amount Of Waste In Our Landfills

You may be asking how our structural insulated panels (SIPS) offer these benefits. Here’s how:

  • Through testing, SIPS homes have been shown to be 15 times tighter than homes built from traditional building techniques. This releases less energy from inside the building.
  • The air tightness, accompanied with our High R-Values, ensures less use of energy and optimizes the utilized energy. Having High R-Value results in more effective insulation.
  • We use wood from fast re-growth trees to make our SIPS. These trees are replanted into controlled forests where they are cultivated and harvested.
  • SIPS are prefabricated in our factory which reduces the amount of waste on your jobsite. Before we manufacture the panels, we do a 3D drawing of your home, thus allowing us to look for mistakes in the building plans, which will further reduce job-site waste!
  • We recognize the importance of Green Building and use recycled content to make SIPS upon your request. In addition, the expanded polystyrene foam that insulates our SIPS is recyclable.


Another incentive to Green Building is becoming certified by The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System. Using FischerSIPS Green Building materials will make you eligible for LEED points. Gain enough points and enjoy the benefits from being LEED certified.

Designing with LEED points in mind? Here’s how SIPS figure into the LEED Equation.
Available points: Based on LEED v3 2009 Rating system:

Energy and Atmosphere (EA)

  • EA1 ~ Optimize energy performance – up to 21 Points.
  • EA 2.1 ~ Insulation – up to 2 points
  • EA 3 ~ Air Infiltration – up to 3 points.

Materials and Resources (MR)

  • MR1.4 ~ Framing Efficiencies – Up to 3 points.
  • MR2.2 ~ Environmentally Preferable Products – 1 point.
  • MR3.2 ~ Construction Waste Reduction – up to 3 points.
  • MR 6 ~ Certified Wood – 1 point. (FSC only)

Click here for more information on LEED construction.




Structural insulated panels require less energy and raw materials to produce when compared to other structural building techniques.



SIPS homes have been shown to go up 30% faster than other less efficient building systems. The reduction in labor hours results in a significant cost savings for home builders.


The foam insulation used in SIPS is extremely effective because it is solid and consistent throughout the home. This advantage results in energy savings of 50% or more.