Employee Spotlight: Sales Representative Michael Nietupski

Meet Michael Nietupski, a valued sales representative for FischerSIPS!

Michael, aka Mike, is an essential part of FischerSIPS as he has been a part of the team for 16 years and is part of the family. His role goes beyond the label of sales representative because this particular position in the company entails a wider focus as he is involved in estimations, transportation, engineering, pre-design, and much more.


Before joining the team at FischerSIPS, Mike was involved in the door and window installation industry. The time came where he decided to put himself first and to give his body a break by seeking out a desk job, and once he found FischerSIPS he never looked back. Although he had never previously heard of SIP panels, his interest was piqued as he came to realize that they were a cutting edge construction component. More specifically, he appreciated how flexible and understanding his team was and knew that he could always rely on them if he were ever to be faced with an emergency. He is able to be a great husband to his wife as well as a supportive and caring father to his 3 children with the support of FischerSIPS.


In his time with FischerSIPS, Mike has developed many skills whilst bringing a lot to the table for the company as well. Common duties of his include knowing what panel configuration will look like, being efficient so that he can come in with the lowest price possible, building cost into inefficiencies for its contract sales in anticipation that customers will want to know their price and what goes into it before signing, and taking care of relations and costs. When he is estimating a project he is figuring out how much it costs a company to produce a product. Most importantly, Mike is always prioritizing the wants and needs of his customers by treating them well to ensure that they remain loyal to the company.


His role requires that he remain in constant communication with partners and consumers  and he has developed relations with freight brokers, engineers, and architects in the process. This has taught him how to maximize potential opportunities that the company is faced with by weighing out cons. This also requires him to be on his toes at all times as he must prepare for contact with potential customers as they come across. He represents the company at various shows and expositions each year as well, bringing in new customers and letting everyone know what they are missing!


An average work day for Mike starts as he arrives at the plant around 9 am as he walks around the workspace to see what is going on and receives updates on how projects are doing to report back to customers. He then heads to the office to review his previous day’s work and picks up where he left off. He receives calls constantly throughout the day from partners and customers but has learned to multi-task and stay focused with his work as these interruptions occur whilst giving his full attention to the prospects that come through on the calls. He also completes estimates and is constantly assisting production throughout the day.


Not only is Mike a valued employee, but his admiration for FischerSIPS is profound. He stated that “We have a great reputation in the SIP industry. Anytime anyone comes through with a referral it is positive and has a great reflection on the company and we stand out in SIP industry,” which proves how special the company is to him and why he has chosen to stay loyal for so long.


Some of his favorite projects that he was involved in was the Treehouse Masters home because he enjoyed seeing his work on TV as well as the Blue Mountain School in Illinois as so much effort went into such a brilliant project, including 12 truck loads of panels!


Thank you, Mike, for your dedication to the company we love so much!