New Year, New Home

SIPs construction plan
As you are creating your list of New Years resolutions, make this the year to get started on your new home project! – Beat the Spring rush to save yourself time and money by getting ahead so that you can relax by summer time. Say to yourself, “This is the year I am going to do it! 2024 is the year to build my dream home with the help of FischerSIPS,” and here is why:

Starting earlier in the year saves you money. As the market heats up, so do the prices. Since lumber prices are based on the market & demand (ie. Gas), getting started before the rush can save you thousands on your overall lumber package.

Starting earlier in the year saves you time. Drawings, pricing, estimates, and approvals are all prerequisites of any construction projects that must be completed before building can begin. Beating the rush can help you get this part of the project out of the way so that you can begin building in the Spring, while others wait in line!

To be clear, if you get started now, your lead time coud be as little as 6-8 weeks, which is the shortest time all year. By the end of February this could turn into 8-12 weeks! You also must consider the time it takes to get a permit once you have submitted plans before you can start your project. That can easily take 3-6 weeks or more!. This number will likely increase if you wait until March to begin.

Additionally, lining up the top contractors to get your project started is much easier to do in January as they will likely be booked already if you wait until March. Now is the time to take the first step towards your future home!

Get all of the planning out of the way now so that you can begin the construction process when the weather breaks and contractors are ready to get to work!