FischerSIPS Products & Services

At FischerSIPS, we strive to offer innovative, green SIPS products at a competitive price. Aside from our SIPS panels, we offer a wide range of services that benefit our customers and builders with the hopes of making your experience with FischerSIPS as enjoyable as possible. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!


  • Free estimates.
  • Blank, Shell & Full pre-cutting service available.
  • Blank: All panels are the sizes listed on the quote (i.e. 4×9, 4×12)
  • Shell: We cut the panels to match the shape of your building, but no openings are included
  • Full Pre-cut: We cut all panels the size & shape including openings
  • RTA (ready to assemble) with lumber installed
  • We will caulk your panels & install the splines & lumber needed in our factory to make your installation even faster!
  • Open to special job specific requests
  • CAD Design Capabilities
  • Builder Training
  • 1 HR AIA Credit (through SIPA)
  • SIP Seminars & Luncheons
  • Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • Limited Lifetime Product warranty

We manufacture structural insulated panels for the roof or exterior wall of your residential, commercial, and log & timber framed structures. Our SIP panel home kits are the perfect green construction materials for smart building and sustainable living.


  • Standard SIPS consists of 7/16” OSB both sides with Solid EPS (expanded polystyrene core)
  • Sizes: 4’ x 8’ up to 8’x24’
  • Thicknesses: 4.5”, 6.5”, 8.25”, 10.25”, 12.25”
  • Connection systems (will want to show a detail of each)
  1. single 2x spline (detail 5a) (standard)
  2. block/thermal spline (detail 6)
  3. I-joist spline; (Detail 46)
  4. OSB spline (detail 6B)

Specialty Panel Facings:

At FischerSIPS, we’re one of the few companies that will apply 1x T&G or drywall right here in our plant! Think of the time savings versus having to install this product 20’ in the air or higher. See our list below for our standard products. If there’s a product you don’t see, but are interested in, call us and ask – we may just apply it for you!